Looking Ahead

Ok, just a few things:

1. We’ll end our first cycle of student-led openings this week and begin a new cycle Monday. I will be asking each of you to bring in a poem of your choosing and lead the class in analyzing it. Refer back to my earlier post about the song lyrics for the order in which you’ll present. Here are a couple websites that will allow you an opportunity to find new poetry (if you’re at a loss or just want to explore): The Poetry Foundation and Poetry 180. Any poem is fine, so don’t feel as though it has to come from one of these sites…

2. Your essay test over Winter’s Bone will be this Wednesday. We’ll talk about prompts tomorrow and you’ll have an hour to complete it. It will be open book.

Friday you will have your first quiz over Drown. The quiz will cover pages 1-108 of the novel.

3. We will be meeting briefly after school to discuss IA’s. The dates for our meeting are as follows:

Mon, 11/11 – Natalie & Daisha

Tues, 11/12 – Ryan & Laura

Weds, 11/13 – Brianna & Alyssa

Thurs, 11/14 – Mikaela & Huy

Fri, 11/15 – Anna, Alex, & Nuba

Mon, 11/18 – David, Naima, & Andrew

Tues, 11/19 – Megen, Mary, & Ummar

Weds, 11/20 – Jeffrey, Christian, & Nicholas

4. I’ll be out the Thursday and Friday before Thanksgiving. Don’t worry, I’ll find something productive for you to do while I’m gone… ;).

That’s it for now. Keep up the good work!



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