Just a Heads Up

Just wanted to give you guys a little perspective on next week:

You should currently be reading Winter’s Bone and plan to finish the novel by next Friday (in anticipation of a second quiz).

As you read, you should look for one quote from the novel you can discuss in class Tuesday. Anything that you find striking will work, but be ready to articulate why. You cannot use any of the quotes I used on my quiz yesterday…

After all of the Laramie presentations are finished, you should post an entry on your blog explaining what you learned from the project. Your response must be multi-paragraph and will be used in part to determine your overall grade on the project.

You should bring a thesis statement and anything else you’ve completed for your IA (notes, outlines, etc.) to class on Tuesday. I will look over the materials and conference with you at some point. We will then set due dates for your outlines, rough draft, and final draft.

We will have a one-hour, timed Socratic seminar on Wednesday of next week. I will provide a series of guiding questions and you should bring 5-10 questions of your own. Your participation in the seminar will be graded holistically.

Okay, I think that’s about it…I really appreciate all the hard work you’re doing in my class. Keep it up!


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