Post-Reading Laramie Project Qs

Respond with at least one paragraph per question. Use examples from the text where necessary. I will be grading your responses.

#1 Raskolnikov commits an unspeakable act to prove that he is extraordinary. Dostoyevsky suggests through his novel that a bad idea and an unstable mind can create an evil act.

The Laramie Project does not, by design, provide us a lot of insight into the psychology of Matthew Shepard’s murderers, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson. However, Kaufman and the Tectonic Theater Project do suggest something about the social and cultural environment of Laramie. In what ways does this environment factor into, perhaps even contribute, to the murder of Matthew Shepard?

#2 How does the play’s unusual structure serve the story it tells? That is, why do the playwrites organize the play the way that they do? Why not use a more conventional, linear structure?

#3 Read the Wikipedia entry for ‘Matthew Shepard.’ Then, Google ‘Matthew Shephard’ and read at least one other recent, full article on Shepard. Summarize the article and write a personal response. What did the article make you think or feel, given that you just finished reading Laramie?

Inclue an MLA citation for the article.


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