Weekend HW

K, guys-

Finish reading parts 2 & 3 of Crime and Punishment. Anticipate a brief reading quiz Tuesday.

Over the weekend, post a blog entry on your personal response (thoughts, feelings, challenges) to C&P AND connections you see between the novel and what you read in the Wikipedia entries for Dostoyevsky and Nietzsche. Ensure that your response is at least 2-3 paragraphs in length.

Blog entries should be posted by 11 PM on Sunday evening. E-mail me if you encounter any difficulty. We will read some randomly selected blog posts on Monday morning. Be prepared to share.

Also, begin following one another’s blogs. Part of your HW Monday will be to post comments on another person’s blog…



8 thoughts on “Weekend HW

    • Dude, here’s how to change your url thing so it’s accessible and people will be able to go to your new blog through their followers thing. Go to your settings. (You can do this by clicking on your username in the right-hand corner.) Go to the “Web Address” part and change it to the web address of your new blog. And then save the changes.

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