Welcome to My IB Lit Blog!

This blog exists to keep students and parents abreast of all that we are accomplishing in IB Lit.  I plan to post inspiring photos, link to interesting or noteworthy articles, and use this space as a forum for dialogue between myself and my students.

Additionally, I will upload as many useful items (syllabuses, calendars, etc.) as possible to make life in IB just a little bit easier. Feel free to post comments or requests at any time!

To begin with, I’m posting the tentative course syllabus: Fall 2013 Course Syllabus.

Also, since the course requires that you purchase copies of all of the books we will read, here are some resources for inexpensive used books:

Local bookstores: A Capella Books and Bound to Be Read Books.

National booksellers that can ship to Atlanta: Powell’s BooksThe Strand Bookstore, and Half.com.

Buy the cheapest copies you can find, the edition doesn’t matter as long as the copy is unabridged.



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